Trying something new.

larkspur landscape

I have always been envious of watercolor artists.  How soft the colors are and what the method to their work even was because this medium just seems mysterious to me.  Plus, I am a digital girl so my method can be a little rigid.  I lay what I want down on paper, work off of that in the digital world, etc.  So my friend Christie invited me to take a class with her, three hours of nothing but watercolor.  We talked to the instructor and she said we would finish two complete paintings by the end of the session.  I wanted to back out but I also wanted to push forward in a new medium so I went for it.

Woo wee, it was fun but my brain was stressing.  There was no sketching beforehand, we just had to let go and get kicked out of our watercolor nest pretty much within the first 20 minutes of the class.  Christie's art turned out so nice!  This medium is slippery and unpredictable but so light and beautiful at the same time.  Did you know that there are birthday flowers?  That is why we painted a larkspur, that is our instructor's birthday flower for July.  I had no idea, my bday is next month so it is a Gladiola or Poppy.  I called my grandpa Poppy.  Hmm...

Anyway, try something new!  You might even love it.