Blizzard Aftermath

Colorado is a trip. Freezing cold blizzard-like conditions one day. Sunny and snow is melting everywhere you look the next day.

My jeans are soaked from burrowing in the snow snapping this and that. School was already cancelled in advance but work was still a go. I decided to take off a day from working out and ran some errands. When I had my 100 point inspection on my car some things were found but nothing major. My license plate lights were out and the dealership was going to install them for $34. I bought them for $3.10 and installed them myself. Easy as pie, be on guard when you get dealership advice.

After all that was done there was still some sunlight so I snapped and snapped. Here they are.


I love my Rebel so much. I just wanted to thank everyone who has helped me out in purchasing this camera.

Now go check out the store and see if you can help me out with buying lenses. :) Wristbands are very sheik this summer. I am lens crazy!!