Illustration Friday - Ripple

ripple This is my attempt for the theme of Ripple for Illustration Friday and it is also an entry for 52 Designs.  A little late in the week for my tastes but it is here.  A little different too, which I like.

My husband and I took a four day weekend this week to celebrate our anniversary.  Nothing was planned, just went with the flow and relaxed.  Woke up when we wanted to, ate out way too much, saw The A-Team (much better than I thought it would be), good stuff and more good stuff.  Of course the weather was beautiful until we took our time off, cloudiness galore outside.  Didn't matter to us, we celebrated hard anyhow.  Thank you for the happy anniversary wishes, our marriage turned two! ;)

Bonus news: I LOVE IKEA and there won't be one built here in Colorado until next year.  I hope it doesn't get pushed back again.  But my friend let me know that since it is being built here, we can order online now!  We couldn't before.  Oh happy day!

P.S. Hannah - thank you!  feel free to send me an email, my address is on my "about" page.