Crunch Time

I was on my way to school, stuck in traffic, and I had a random thought. I was thinking about why I used to hate Carmen Electra. I watched her show about her wedding preparations and stuff on MTV and was starting to like her again. Then when I was driving I remembered. Because she was the replacement for Jenny McCarthy on "Singled Out" on MTV. I don't like replacements. The Darrens on Bewitched, the daughter on My Wife and Kids, etc. Told you it was random.

I have the day off from work tomorrow (thank you GOD@!) I've been whispering the words "April 30th" like a mantra. Feels so good to look forward to a day off. It's time to lock myself in my study and work some digital magic to make a decent final project. Due Wednesday.

The letterforms project was due today. It's amazing to see what other people see and find through photography. So many letterforms I didn't even think about were discovered by other artists. Mine came out pretty well. I printed the letterforms 4 1/4"x 4 1/4" onto glossy photopaper, cut them out, and glued them onto ceramic tiles of the same size with Stikflat. This stuff is great and it won't curl your paper like rubber cement and Elmers do.

I have a ton of links to share. I get to wake up without an alarm!!!

Have a great weekend!

Rad's 24 Hour Comic so far Kazu's Latest Clive and Cabbage Viridian Room, The Sequel to Crimson Room Orisinal Think You Can Type? Heartwarming everytime. This guy should publish a book. She makes me want a live journal. And to learn how to sew. A Happy Meal for us? I can't wait to get my pedometer.