Lost An Hour

Where to begin... This daylight savings still has me disoriented. I didn't really feel it until this morning when I had to get up for work. I even missed church yesterday because I didn't set my clocks. Friday was pretty awesome for being April Fools. Someone at work got their car wrapped in cellophane. hehe. Plus, my boss played a trick on me and had me calling a cemetery asking for Robyn Graves. Ugh.

Instead of going to church to hang with the twentysomething group at Arise, I went to the Art Walk downtown. I missed it so much and Arise is turning into a comedy club or talk show. I thought it was going to be completely different and we would play Scattegories (fun!), talk, go out to eat, etc. It's almost as bad as going to a movie on a first date, you just go in and watch the movie, then it's time to leave. You don't get to learn about who you're with at all. Raul came with me and we had so much fun. He said he wasn't artsy and he'd end up making fun of everything but that wasn't the case at all. We walked up and down the crowded streets and in and out of crowded galleries with beautiful art. Some galleries were pumping music and the only thing that was missing was dimming the lights. Others were brightly lit and you could only hear the soft murmuring of voices. I took pictures, of course, and I'll post those soon.

It was a good thing I brought my camera with me. Raul and I were walking down the street and one of the doors was open. So we just went inside and slowly up the steps. It was strange because there was no art on the walls. When we got to the top, there was an old brick and freshly painted home waiting for us. It smelled like a model home and it turned out the place was for sale. Sneaky realtors just kept the door open knowing someone would come in eventually. But the best part was the woman wanted to have her kids photographed and she wanted me to do it. I won't hold my breath but that was very cool and unexpected. So we exchanged information and Raul and I left to see more galleries. I'm glad we walked through that open door.

The rest of the night was filled with some red vino and more walking. The air is already starting to get fresh and crisp. I was so close to walking without a jacket but not yet.

Saturday I tried to relax, get homework done, and study.

Sunday I missed church so I just cleaned up and worked on homework. Napoleon Dynamite was watched too and that movie is crazy. Too funny. "Whatever I want to do, GOSH!" The scary part is I think I've met that person. A real Napoleon Dynamite. The boy has moves though.

I had some house stuff to give to my brother and his family so they came over to pick it up. We ended up going to Whole Foods and Tower Records and I found Scary Girl!

I love Nathan Jurevicius. He's the bomb and now I want Bunniguru too. (go to the site, click "view and order here", then click Bunniguru Original). I wrote him so hopefully I'll hear back soon.

And one more thing. Jeez this entry is HUGE. As if we're not busy enough, Tracey has a new 26 Things Photo Scavenger Hunt. So get with it people and participate. Even if you have a FunSaver!

Yup, it's that cool.