Illustration Friday - Equipment

equipment Brains vs. brawn, sometimes you need the right equipment for the job.  This is my attempt for the theme of Equipment for Illustration Friday and it is also an entry for 52 Designs.  I sketched this idea on Friday for Bobby Chiu's Chiustream.   The topic was big head versus big arm.  I think it works for this I-Fri topic as well.

I have been obsessing over green chili cheeseburgers ever since I saw the Buckhorn restaurant featured on Bobby Flay's Throw-down.  I quickly researched how far a road-trip to San Antonio would be, they looked so good.  This past weekend I spent time with my mom and we decided to make the burgers.  Hatch chilies aren't ready yet so we used anaheim chilies and a jalapeno.  If preparing chilies intimidates you like it did me, don't worry about it because it was so easy and delicious. 

Can't wait until hatch chilies are in season!  Mmm mmm mm.