Naughty Girl

I played hooky today. Oh yea. The day was going great. Work. Check. Work Out. Check. Get some grub. Check. Go to school. No Check.

It started dumping wet globs of snow and traffic was pretty bad. So instead of killing myself bobbing and weaving through wet slick traffic, I took my butt home. Only three workouts and I'm getting stronger. Some more weight was added to my arm curl, leg press, shoulder press, and one more that I can't remember right now.



I finished my wristwarmers today and they're so warm and nice. Updated the projects page with more details about them.


Not only naughty with playing hooky, but with shopping. Everything was on sale though. (from left to right) Incredibles, a swan tote bag from fred flare for my knits, an Anthropologie necklace, an Anthropologie hat, orchid and vase from Illuminations, and a very useful storage box from Wal-Mart. I'm a girly girl that loves shopping.

Since spring break is over, it's starting to be crunch time. I will have an Illustration Friday submission this week but updates will have some gaps. I need help with thinking of a topic for my presentation topic in my technical communication class. You can present any topic you want. I've thought of knitting, creative process, and illustrations. Can't pinpoint a subject.

Unrelated - This last Lost and Alias were the best I've seen in awhile. I love Marshall on Alias. This Bachelor is a trip. Grey's Anatomy is better than I thought. Office almost makes me almost pee in my pants. I'm going to miss Newlyweds. Yea, I said it.