Illustration Friday - Detective

detective This is my attempt for the theme of Detective for Illustration Friday and it is also an entry for 52 Designs.  Who doesn't love a good mystery and some houndstooth gear?

Cutting it down to the wire with this one.  I think my creativity muscle is getting stronger, the process of making illos is getting smoother.  Hope I didn't just jinx anything.  Been busy with working full-time, cooking always (no more eating out, we are saving saving saving), and catching up with friends and family on the weekends.  Can't forget watching my shows.  Too many to list but I love LOST, V and Fringe to name just a few.  My love for sci-fi-ish shows is being rekindled.

*Update on my friend who had her baby early.  She was released home, doing well considering the baby will be in the hospital for the next three months.  Baby Nicole is a trouper though and I know mama and baby will be home together, healthy and happy.