Are you wearing your green? Don't make me jump through the computer and pinch ya ;) hehe. Happy St. Patty's Day :)

It's so dry and cold out here. I went out with Ayanna to Bath and Body Works and found the BEST lotion. I love it. It's by C.O. Bigelow, their new line. It's called Quince hand lotion and it's great. No fake fragrance and it smells like lemons. Just a nice and clean scent. Hooray for moisture. I can't wait until spring and summer. So sick of this winter weather.

Speaking of pinching, somebody pinch me because today is the 17th and the show is on Saturday. The school week is over and then it's spring break next week! So if I'm going to finish up items it has to be tonight and tomorrow. I'm getting my hair done right after work. After some pampering is over, it's back to sewing, knitting, etc. Go, go, go, that's me.

I have a good feeling about this show. Plus, I have a prime location! I have a wall in back of me instead of being in the middle of everything like last time. Very cool. :)