Quickie Post.

The past week has been crazy full! Here's a list:

  • handmade Christmas card designing and printing.  I'll post the design once everyone receives their cards.
  • working 20+ hours a week at my second job.
  • cooking
  • baking
  • partying, holiday parties are the best.  I made bread pudding and chocolate sauce, will post soon.
  • sleeping, I have been sleeping very late on the weekends.  so pooped.
  • visiting
  • shooting, a little bit.
  • drawing, we'll see if I can squeeze in an I-Fri submission, even if it's just a sketch.  no promises.
  • shopping, I have three more presents to find.
  • staying warm, I am not a fan of the cold and it was freezing just a little while ago.

How you be?