The Saturday Rush.

First of all, New Moon was great last night.  The theater was packed but the four of us found seats together and right in the middle.  The movie was much better than the first one.  Must see it again. Today I worked my first Saturday at my part time job and holy moly it was busy.  The time went by quickly but I was hyped up on adrenaline.  Now I'm home and Dave and Lindsay came over for dinner.  We just played Super Mario Brothers Wii and it is so much harder than I remember it ever being.  This new version gets difficult pretty quickly.

I found a recipe in SELF magazine for beef stew with whole wheat couscous.  Raul made it since I was at work and it was so good.  Super healthy and delicious.

That is our meal motto lately and it feels great.  I'll post the recipe tomorrow if you're interested.