Illustration Friday - Unbalanced

This bear loves an unbalanced diet.  A friend of mine was telling me about her daughter who volunteers at the Wild Animal Sanctuary here in Colorado.  I had never heard of it before and now I want to go.

There are tons of animals there that were being raised as pets when they should be in the wild.  Bears, lions, tigers, etc.  So the animals are rescued and then they live at the sanctuary.  There is this one bear there that was only being fed fast food so when he went to the sanctuary all they could feed him was Carl's Jr.  They eventually got the bear on a bear diet but he still has a major sweet tooth.  He'll get a cupcake every now and then and he will lightly take the cupcake and lick the frosting off first.  Taking his time.  He also gets eclairs from time to time and he will open them and lick the frosting first.

So sweet that I had to draw him and I need to pay this place a visit soon.