Top Two Bonus Watercolor Books for Beginners

Hey there! Ok, these are my bonus books for beginners learning watercolor. Absolutely love them and if you want to see the first faves I mentioned, check out this post here.

These are the books I would give as gifts if a friend showed the tiniest bit of interest in watercolor. Love, love, love!

This book by Yuko Nagayama - absolutely stunning watercolor techniques an step by step tutorials! I love how she walks you through adding light, mid and dark in the same wash. The breaking down of subjects into full masses with values is amazing too. So. Dreamy.

Taking Risks with Watercolor - she puts easter eggs in her paintings and I am here for it! Shirley’s paintings are like tapestries; so much texture, story and depth. This book is a treasure.

Comment and let me know what watercolor books you love. Have you read any of the ones mentioned here? I'm dying to know and I want to start a resources list down below. :)

Want to know my watercolor tips and tricks? Watch this video

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