Watercolor Painting Video and Chat - Girl with Green Pigtails and Purple Tights

It has been a MINUTE since I was able to paint. So thankful for getting things done and having enough time to actually paint. This is a catch up video where I am painting real time (very rare) and I’m talking about getting projects done and organizing/designing one of the rooms in our home. Things tend to get put on hold with new babies and they are older now so we can get back those things. I know I am not alone in this :)




P.S. I have a watercolor color mixing online painting workshop for beginners right here. I go more into detail walking through my process and help you learn how to paint with watercolor. I updated the printable worksheets too so it is new and improved! If you join my newsletter, you will get 20% off your first order (classes or prints from my shop included). Can’t wait to see you in there. :)