Speed Paint - How I paint with neocolor IIs

I love Neocolor IIs.  There.  I said it.  They are the best!  I just found out about them last October when I went to see a local artist with my friend.  He paints with his 6 year old daughter and they described their work together as a conversation, so sweet.  They had all types of media for us to play with after their talk and I think they were either Faber Castell or Crayola water crayons.  Either way, I was loving them and my friend said there were professional grade ones I should try.  

I quickly asked if she had any plans afterward so we could go to the art store, she didn't so we went!  You can get these neocolors individually or in tins in a packs of 10, 15, etc.  I started slow with a pack of 15 but once I got them, I knew I wanted more and I headed back to the art store to get some individual colors.  

The way I paint with them is to put down a little bit of the pastel with small marks and then I blend it out with water on my watercolor brush.  With my angel birds, I used a waterbrush dipped in water.  I don't like using waterbrushes as they are intended. I start with a light layer and when that is completely dry, I will make another mark and blend out.  Building up the values just like with watercolors is the beauty of it for me.  The pigments are intense and the color range is just wonderful.  I highly recommend these, so much fun!

These are my favorite colors so far:

Yellow Orange


Turquoise Blue

Have you used neocolors?  If so, how do you use them?  Let me know :)

This print is available here.