The Better Sip: Cucumber Spa Water Recipe

My grande caramel macchiatos were getting out of control and I've been wanting to feel better as well as take out some empty calories.  Since I started bullet journaling, I also started drawing 8 little cups of water in my journal daily.  For every cup I drink, I cross one out (extremely satisfying).  Most days I'll just drink plain filtered water but at home I started making spa water.  

I love it two ways:

  • Cucumber Water: 1 cucumber sliced up in a pitcher of water
  • Cucumber Lemon Lime: Slice up the following and add to a pitcher of water: 1/2 a cucumber, 1 whole lemon and 1 whole lime

So delicious and refreshing.  Little tweaks here and there are helping me reach my goal of more water and hopefully you too.  

This month I've averaged 5-6 cups of water a day which is huge when most days I would drink no water at all. 

If you make some spa water, let me know below or by tagging me on Instagram, @fluximagery.