Some changes are happening around here. The projects page was never cute. It's been updated :) My chiropractor has a list of new changes for me too. I need to go to bed much earlier and get a yoga and pilates DVD. Which is cool because I want to start them up again. My adjustments will hold much better once exercise is a factor.

This upcoming week will be the last week of my break from school. I don't want to go back on the 18th. Breaks are much too short.

On Wednesday I'm scheduled to get the new Digital Video Recording box. It's like Tivo only it's being offered by Comcast. Now watching the shows I love won't be a problem. I can record them and watch them later while fast forwarding through commercials. THANK GOD.

Another change is my camera fund is growing. Thank God for blessing me and thank everyone that has purchased something. You guys are great. Now I have about $813 and that's not counting my Best Buy giftcards, so maybe it's closer to $900. Now the big dilemna I have is I keep asking myself if I should stick with the Canon Digital Rebel. My biggest concerns are longevity, flexibility, and lag-time. The pictures taken with the Rebel can be seen here , here , and here. But then the Nikon D70 pops up over here, and I don't know which one I should get. Plus, there is a $100 rebate for the Digital Rebel that ends on January 31. If you have any advice about either camera, let me know. Until then I'll be browsing forums non-stop.

Now to go change something else...