Whoops. I saw the De-Lurker day post on Trisha's site and forgot to post it here. So, it's one day late but I hope you will still de-lurk yourself and say a simple hello. Just for today, I won't bite. But usually I do. :)

My Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Peter came out for a funeral so some time was spent with them. But when 7 p.m. rolled around, I snuck my butt to the nearest tv and watched Lost and Alias. That was too much tv. I think the five commercials that were played over and over are what did me in.

Lost was good but I just want to know what's going on with that island already. Killer polar bears, stuff lifting people high into trees after they're dead, madness. I still want to know who hit the Iraqi guy over the head when he lit the flares. Freckles is almost as good at hiding her identity as Sydney Bristow. Is pregnant Claire okay?! Too much going on at once.

Alias was good too. Even if you go on there for one episode because you know you're going to die, you go out in a blaze of glory. Everytime. Vendettas are the best part and now Sydney's sister has one of her own. Woo hoo!