Give and Get

This past Christmas was good to me. I got a Figure Drawing book (I need a lot of help with this), a gift card for Nordstroms, a make-up kit with four lipsticks and three eyeshadows, and a shoeshine kit to get me started on my dreams of being a shoeshine girl. Kidding. I did get a shoeshine kit, just like the one my Dad has. Now I can take care of my leather boots. ;)

For the Gifty that Leslie (baby on the way, yea!) is putting on, my buddy got me soap, lotion, and incense from the Virgin Islands. Marilyn, I set the incense on top of my knitting needle case and now it smells great. Thanks!

I gave my Mom a framed print of an avocado painting. The way it was made makes it look velvety and vibrant. I made my Dad two knitted hats. One out of alpaca silk and the other out of cashmerino aran. I think they're both cute on him.

Other gifts are late this year so I can't talk about them. The recipients (my brother and my friend Ayanna) should love them. I hope. :)

Here are my gifts to you (links!): Cute Christmas Cards by Dave Roman Ben's Amazing Monsters and Drawings Period Interesting work by Kamikazestyle Cool Preview of an Even Cooler Comic by Kean Updated Site Design by Dooce Ljc's Totes and Baby Pillows (I've got to try this.)