Hello 2005, Goodbye 2004

This time off has been very necessary. I've been able to clean, organize, hang out, etc. I'm starting to fall back into a normal routine. With the holidays, a lot of my favorite bloggers are M.I.A. I can't wait until everyone's back and posting like crazy.

Since my chiropractor adjustments, I've been sleeping like a baby. There wasn't much of a problem sleeping before but I can feel the difference. Not so rickety. Exercising and doing special stretching exercises doesn't hurt either. About the stomachaches I mentioned, they've stopped. Hopefully for good. I think it was mostly due to stress and doing too much.

Unfortunately I report back to the corporate world tomorrow but then I'm out again until Monday. I will be spending New Year's partying it up at my church. This will be the third year I've spent it this way and I love it. I've done the downtown clubbing thing and I've had enough for now.

What have you accomplished this year? I'm curious and since I asked you, I'm sharing my accomplishments too :)

Interned at one of my favorite news stations (covered the Kobe Bryant case, Scott Peterson case, the election, the death of Arafat, etc) I switched from being a PC chica to a Mac girl. I'm still getting adjusted but I love my Powerbook. :) Finished two semesters (straight As each time) Met Brandi from BShigley Designs at her seminar Participated in my first fashion event and made more sales than I thought I would Made contacts from the fashion event, wristbands are now in a boutique Pushed myself further with my illustrations. (Lots of thanks to Illustration Friday) Finally bought a dining room table Learned how to knit better (knit my first sweater) Drove out to California with my Dad (experience I will never forget) and helped my brother and his family move out here Made new knitting buddies and we knit together when we get a chance. (hey Priya!) Opened up an online store. With time and concentration it will be updated. Received a sewing machine for my birthday and learned how to sew. Finding new sites to add to my list. Penelope (http://www.penelopeillustration.com) and Jingles (http://jinglesandthings.typepad.com/) to name a couple.

I hope you have a safe and fun New Year's! 2005 is going to be unbelievable!