Lamps lamps everywhere.

I am surrounded by lamps.

The last few days a mini-mission has been taking over my brain and that involved getting another lighting arrangement in my office.  It is too dark and I don't like working in a cave.  I looked online and in stores but today I actually shopped and bought two lamps.  One from Lowes, a torchiere that I wasn't quite sure about.  The lamp from Lowes is definitely going back because the light isn't dulled at all so it as if you don't have a shade at all.  Plus, the amber in the glass makes everything yellow and I got soft bright lightbulbs for a reason.  The other is this three piece Colby set from Costplus.   I think the floor lamp in the Colby set will work but it needs a different shade that will be wider on the top to let more light out.

How I wish we had our IKEA built here already.  A friend of mine offered to ship me whatever I want from IKEA and she pretty much made my year.

I might have to take her up on her offer if I don't get this figured out sooner than later.