MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!! I'm early again but it's so close and I can't contain it anymore.


I admit I'm a little lazy and a little nostalgic with this one. That's where my illustration for "house" came from. I went back to the way I used to draw houses over and over again as a little kid. I know I wasn't the only one either. Who taught us to draw the same house? It's a trip when you think about it. But with Christmas being tomorrow (oh boy, oh boy!), I miss how they were celebrated as a little kid. I wasn't into Santa so much as I was the series of events. Getting so excited that it's almost impossible to go to bed. Then getting woken up by my brother Jr.'s afro popping over the foot of my bed telling me to, "Wake up! It's Christmas. There are presents and everything, come ON!" Then getting up and running into our parents' room while they sleepily mumble, "Whhatt? Uh huh, we're coming..."

I would be in my one piece pink pajamas, white zipper with matching white soled feet. But nothing compared to seeing a beautiful tree with tons of presents wrapped in equally beautiful wrapping. None of them looked more special than the other, all you could go by was size. Biggest is definitely getting opened first.

I can't wait to have kids of my own and be woken up by their little excited behinds. Should be fun!

Other than that, big things have been happening.


Today grades were announced and I got straight As! Praise God for giving me strength to get through everything when I should have passed out a long time ago. I was doing so much but I'm glad I got everything done and aced my classes along the way. I'm a nerd so I like to see my graded papers that had to be written completely in class but for some reason it never came. I'm happy with my A in Beginning Reporting and I guess I don't need the actual paper.

Sold three more hats.

I have my dining room table. There were a few speedbumps (no pre-drilled holes in places), but it's all assembled now and very cute. It's a black wooden pedestal style table with four chairs. I'm using it right now and I love it.


Christian called me on Tuesday to let me know he needed a bootie knit up for him. He needs one for his foot because he fell on the ice and broke his ankle. It's a bad break and he's getting surgery on Monday. I knew he was going stir crazy in the house so we hung out at my hair appointment, went around two malls, and ate. This whole time he was on crutches. I'm just glad he was able to get some secret shopping done despite his injury. I need to hurry up and knit a bootie. Yesterday the temp got as low as minus 8 degrees. Brr.

But anyway, again I wish you a Merry Christmas and I hope you are surrounded by love.