The creator of Scarygirl.

nathan_jurevicius Nathan Jurevicius is one of the artists that sparked my love for illustrating.  His style is insanity at its best.  He even has an online game now.  His work is just amazing and he'll always be one of my favorites.  Years ago I was reading up on one of my favorite bloggers, Claire Robertson, and she mentioned her friend's artwork and his interview.  I was in immediate awe.  I wanted to know how he was producing this work, what program, everything.  So I started researching and working with Illustrator.  I wish someone had told me in the very beginning that it takes a few programs working together to get the final product.  In the late 90s it was much harder to find resources let alone tutorials. Now I can find so many artists through social networking like Facebook and Flickr, digital art magazines and more.

I wrote both Nathan and Claire with questions and they kindly wrote me back.  It's interesting to see how all of our art and interests have changed, a flourishing evolution of change in style and medium.  Gives me another swift kick in the behind to get my own work published.

Pretty cool stuff.  I ♥ the Internet.