We were almost attacked by dinosaurs when we went to visit the Botanical Gardens last month.  Ok maybe there was just a display of dinosaurs there.  I had you for a second though, kinda.

I am SO happy it is Wednesday, officially hump day.  I haven't talked much about how my life has changed since getting an iPhone.  It has changed a ton.  Right before I got a data plan for the first time, my friend told me that the line between being accessible and not being accessible would blur even more.  She was so right.  I am checking my mail, twitter, facebook, etc.  All.  The.  Time.  First step is acknowledging you have a problem right?  Time to draw some boundary lines.

Here is a list of the apps I use the most:

  • Facebook
  • Twitterfon
  • Shazam
  • Epicurious
  • Pandora
  • PhotoCalc
  • CameraBag
  • Barnes and Noble
  • NPR News
  • AllRecipes
  • Whole Foods
  • People
  • Flickr - needs some tweaks so I keep it around waiting for a big great update

Share the apps you love, I'm always looking for a great (preferably free) app.