The ones and zeros.

If you know me, you know I am a techie geek.  I do so much research on techno items and I read my manuals from cover to cover.  I've been spending the last couple hours cleaning up the desktop on my computer, updating software and learning about those updates.  I have known this about myself for awhile and I wear my pocket protector proudly.  But the other day, it came out big time and shocked me.

My friend was pregnant with her second child and everyone was guessing when she would have the baby because it would be any minute now.  We were thinking that 09.09.09 was cool and so was 09.10.09.  She mentioned that the 10th would be even cooler because her first child's bday is 01.10.00 or something like that, ones and zeros.  So I go, "awww, you have a little binary baby, how sweet."  Now mind you the only real reason I know this is because Raul was loving this binary clock at Brookstone a long time ago and I've seen The Matrix. She backed away and just shook her head at my geekdom.

Geeky and proud of it.