One Down

One more to go. Today was the last day of Beginning Reporting class. I had a feature story, a story written with only statistics to go off of, and a feature about the Pulitzer Prize-winning photograph exhibition at the Colorado History Museum. Plus there was a final with the usual multiple choice/definition but we had to write two leads and a feature story. I can't even call it. I keep getting 90s on assignments but I did the extra credit and the work is done and turned in. Now all I can hope and pray for is the best. I really want straight As. We'll see. The final for Digital Art II is on Monday and that will officially be the last day of school for this semester.

Now tomorrow is all mine. After work is over of course. But I've handed out a ton of flyers for Snow and I think a lot of people will make an appearance. The more the merrier. Another hat has been sold so I need to pick up the yarn and start making that tomorrow. Add that to the list of washing my hair, doing laundry, cleaning up (oh my God it looks like ea tornado came through here), make another layaway payment for my dining room table, draw signs for my booth, finish knitting needle cases/make-up cases, etc.

I want to make these ribby fingerless mittens. (November 28th entry) They look cute and comfortable.

It's time to make my Illustration Friday illustration and get some rest.

Sweet dreams to all ya all!