New Music

I just got home from going to the movies to see "Closer" and it was okay. Not sure what the message was or if there was a real message. Still marinating on that one. But the main thing that made me want to see this movie was the trailer. Rarely do I watch trailers over and over and this time I couldn't stop myself. It's just put together so well. The dialogue, soundtrack, and written word on the screen was edited very well. Plus, the songs they picked for it were perfect. So since Closer doesn't have a soundtrack out and I don't know if they will have one, here is a list of the songs I found while digging around the net. Thank God for iTunes and other researchers in the world that go to forums and post their findings.

Here they are (highly recommend): The Blower's Daughter - Damien Rice (BEAUTIFUL voice. I am mesmerized by this song) Cold Water - Damien Rice (great!) Caramel - Suzanne Vega (sexay) Come On Closer - Jem (even sexier and I d/l the album)

*** This is the last weekend until finals so I need to get back to work working on a project, a story, and studying for two tests. I haven't been focusing (went to Art Walk on Friday, met with Brandi to drop off items and see the gallery, went to yarn store to get more yarn and two knitting needle cases have been ordered for the store, and saw Closer. And don't forget Snow).

I am a slacker!! Must focus. I'm grounding myself.