Shows Glorious Shows

I am in love with LOST. I admit it. Butt crazy in love with that show. When I said goodbye to my internship, I completely forgot about how I would get home in time to watch since I'd no longer be able to watch at the news station that's five minutes away from campus. I just have to leave class earlier for two weeks. ;) I snuck out rather nicely if I do say so myself and LOST was great! Where the heck are they? I have no clue. I've had theories that they are stuck in a time warp like the Bermuda triangle or something, people slowly turn into monsters (and polar bears?!) and that's who is on the island with them, etc. Now I really have no idea since they have electricity and other people that just show up out of no where. I'm hooked though and I've loved the guy who plays Jack ever since Party of Five.

Next, did anyone watch the Nick and Jessica Family Christmas? I thought I missed it but it came on yesterday, not Tuesday. It was alright, not as corny as their first one, the variety show. Jessica does sing hard though and all of that movement isn't necessary. *shrug*

While fighting the Sandman I was watching Wife Swap Husband Edition. Both of the families were in Colorado so I was curious who they would pick. Of course they picked a rowdy biker family and a family in Boulder who are part of a commune. I like the other swapping show more because you get $50,000 at the end and one family gets to decide how the other family spends it and vice versa. But it was cool to see the husbands get pissed off and to see each family loosen up from their otherwise rigid lifestyles. It was entertaining and made me laugh when the commune family loosened up so much that the wife was in a leather outfit. Baggy, but still leather.

And finally, my favorite show, Alias, is coming back in January. They better not ever, ever, ever, ever go away that long again. That's one show where I would consider buying the collection on DVD. Love it.

*** Thanks for your suggestions about the yarn. I'm still trying to search for what I'm looking for. If you know of any online yarn stores you trust and love, send them my way. So far I only have the site not martha mentions and

*** One more thing. Claire thought of "A Month of Softies" and so many talented people contributed. The softy this month was an accessorized elephant.

These are my favorites: Mia Hansen Heidi Kenney Keri Smith Monica Higgins Leah Brandy Agerbeck Anna Torborg Gema Marieke van Esveld

Gorgeous and amazing work by everyone!