A camping we shall go.

he's eager to walk... I've been absent.  What else is new?  I only lasted one week with my Happy Bokeh Wednesday photo, lol.  Sad, so sad.  One thing is brand spanking new for me.  I. GOT. THE. IPHONE!!!!  And it is the best.

When I got it, it broke after 12 hours.  I had a bad sim card and after googling to find other people who ran into this issue, I found many who had the same story I did.  I got a new card right after work and it has been blazing fast ever since.  I never thought something could change the way I do things as much as things changed when I went from a discman to an iPod.  I was so wrong.  Shazam is one of my favorite apps because now I can just have it listen to a song anywhere and it will tell me the artist and song.  Just that alone had me at hello.

I am a techno geek and proud of it.  Here here.

I need to go finish packing for our camping trip this weekend.  Yes me.  I camp...sometimes.  This is only my second time but I am excited.  There will probably be hiking, checking out a waterfall, holding and feeding baby alligators, smores and brats.  Go go GPS!