The nervous runner.

littlelights_small That's me. The run is just a week away now and I'm breaking in my new sneakers. Which one do you say? Sneakers, tennis shoes, sneaks? I bought a pair of Brooks Adrenaline 9s and then I read reviews (I am a review freak) and they all said that the Adrenaline 8 was much better. After I had my odd case of shingles, my knees were sore so I took it easy for three weeks. No treadmill, no elliptical and I was doing so good working out Monday through Thursday for six weeks straight.

So after reading that review, the shoes went back to the store. Instead I got a pair of Asics GT 2140s and they are so wonderful. I tested them out on carpet around the house, did some jogging in place. But the true test was today at work on the treadmill. Nothing but cushion and bounce. I love these shoes. I'll work out a few more times this week to properly break them in and then it is ON. New sports bra, new sneaks, I'm ready for this run.

Still nervous but ready too.

**** Oh yea, I left out in the previous post that the day before the No Doubt concert, I have jury duty. Figures.