Late Again

I was late into work again today. One hour and one minute but I had to use two hours of my time. I'm still getting over my cold but feeling MUCH better. I won't be off of my antibiotics until Friday. I'm also running out of energy because this is my last week of work, last week of my internship, and the last week of school for me. I'm taking a vacation and next week is going to be our school break. Thank God.

I'm still sad about this being my last week at the internship. I'm trying to draw the graphic designers faces so I can make them a thank you card. It's coming out alright. I can't seem to get Katie's face right. haha.

It will be weird going from a ton of stuff going on to nothing at all for a week. Should be nice though. I can't wait. I received Keri's book but my sewing book hasn't arrived yet. I'm eager to start sewing!!

*** Aren't my parents cute? They're great and we're pretty tight so I'm glad you liked the luvie dubie shtuff. It's true though, I meant every word.

Vintage - haha, sorry if I offended anyone by saying something in your time period is vintage but I meant it in a good way. haha, leg warmers. :) That was a fun theme and I got 12 comments. Woot!