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I'm sick y'all. Or something. I'm not sure what's going on but I don't feel well and my dentist has me on antibiotics. I've been slacking with flossing (I know this is the third time I've talked about this) and when I had my teeth cleaned on Saturday my gums got irritated and now I just feel drained.

But besides that, I've been having the time of my life. Ha!

Since I bought my Micron I've been drawing more in my moleskin. Two books are on the way as well. I feel like I did when I was little and I'd order the books from the school catalog. Then I'd forget all about it and BAM! the teacher had all of these packages for all of us. The whole class would just sit and read their new books, soaking in the illustrations and stories. I ordered Keri's Book "Living Out Loud", and "Sew Fast, Sew Easy" by Elyssa Meyrich.

Since Friday I've: gone to the Art Walk with my Mom (I've been asking her forever and she had fun) sold two more caps finished making two caps finally saw Ray - pretty good, I think it may get an Oscar nod went to a sale at Kohls went to a dentist appointment went to a hair appointment I forgot about my hairstylist hooked me up with a cool styling brush I walked out of there with a new way of styling my hair cleaned up was invited to be a part of Snow (a fashion show/craft fair) I'm still bouncing ideas around in my head. It's $80 for a booth but I could sell well and get some exposure. Plus it would be fun. Student advisor came to my internship to evaluate my work. I freaked out but I don't think it was that noticeable. ;)

A lot is going on in the blog world so here's some things you should know about: Enrico Casarosa has launched a Sketchcrawl website Soon Penelope will launch her Illustration Friday website soon Loobylu is getting everyone to make stuffed creations. Current theme - Elephants on rollerskates

Next week is the last week of my time at my news station internship and it's bittersweet. I'll be glad to do less running around but I will miss my new friends at the station very much. It's been a wonderful experience. I'm taking in every moment counting down to next Friday. :(

P.S. Thanks to everyone that said positive things about my submission for "Search", you guys are such a supportive and creative group. This was a great idea and more talented people are joining every week!

P.P.S. I think these are the best eyes I've drawn so I'm proudly posting them here. Eyes are almost as difficult as hands for me. *cringe*


*** I forgot to let you know that Stitch N Bitch Nation is out! and that by far the worst part of being sick is how nasty everything tastes. Ugh!!