Can you believe the Red Sox won?! Did you see the Red Moon from the lunar eclipse last night? I wish I had my extremely cool camera by now so I could have taken some pictures. It was beautiful!

I'm not a huge fan of Celine Dion but I love Anne Geddes a whole bunch and they've joined together to work on a project called Miracle. I want the book, dvd with behind the scenes footage, calendar, etc. Here are pictures from the book and calendar. The cds might be a bit much since I don't have any babies to listen to lullabies with but the end result from the collaboration looks fantastic. It's hard to find a new form of art and Anne Geddes has succeeded with her unique baby photography.

I've heard alot about the book, "The Purpose Driven Life" by Rick Warren, and I almost bought it for myself at Target yesterday. I will get it though, it looks interesting and inspirational.

I want more Fridays off so I have time to get centered and relaxed. I'd also have more time to create illustrations. I'm about to be two weeks behind in Illustration Friday. Still brainstorming for "snazzy".

I want to see Ray as soon as possible before the movie's ruined by people telling too much or just by watching the previews in commercials. Don't you hate it when the whole movie is given away in a trailer? That really bugs me. Especially if it's a biography.

I also want to see the Incredibles. It looks like a well executed and fun film. I love Disney Pixar animation. Polar Express is another movie on my list.


The Switch

I've switched from a PC to a Mac almost two months ago and it hasn't been a bad experience. If you're new here, my laptop is named Einsten and it's a 15" Powerbook G4. So far I've had two issues.

No. 1 - I keep accidentally saving pictures as some jpg file that only Macs can see. Really weird. No. 2 - I want to create a new layout for my site and I'm trying to get used to the new resolution on the laptop. I want everything to look how I want it to look but I feel like I'm designing it blindly. Does that make sense?

Other than that, I LOVE my new computer. It's portable, easy to use, sophisticated, super fast, super cute, and meets all of my technical needs.

P.S. - Now that I checked out the Apple site one more time, they have new stuff! A special edition U2 iPod. An iPod Photo. And new iBook G4s. *sigh*