Hats Galore

I'm now working on my fifth hat. Woo hoo! I finished my dad's hat (jo sharp silkroad aran in hemlock), made a hat for Lucas (jo sharp silkroad aran in meadow), a hat for my friend's gallery (lamb's pride worsted in creme), and a hat for Jamie (debbie bliss alpaca silk in black). The hat I'm working on now is another marsan cap with jo sharp silkroad aran in the beautiful baby blue shade of opal. I'm going to order another USB cable so I can upload pics. Hopefully I can sell some more hats and get my camera in November. You can help by shopping in the store. If you're interested in a hat made from silkroad aran or alpaca silk, I am selling them for $40 each and you can email me at five3girlATgmailDOTcom to place an order. I'll update the store as soon as I get my camera cable. Also if you have any issues with dry and flaky skin with the weather change, you should try Botanical Kinetics Exfoliant by Aveda. I've been using it every other night and no more dryness. Plus my cheeks feel super soft. I highly recommend it!

P.S. Where did everybody go? :)