It hasn't been all gumdrops and daffodils latey. I've been getting pissed off at least 3 - 4 times a week lately. So far this week: I was told to check the lost and found in another room for my USB cable. Went to the room and without even looking, everyone said it wasn't there. Then I went to the computer lab and while one person was still looking in the drawer the other person said, "Nope, it's not here", and was staring at me like, "This is the part where you walk away". Bite me.

While walking away he shouted for me to throw away my drink that had three swallows left and I turned around and tossed it so quick the lid almost came off and showered them with some drink. Almost, shoot.

I took my film to a photography lab since I knew I overexposed many of the pictures on my roll. I ordered a CLIP TEST. These people did the clip test and then proceeded to print all of them. 4x6. Instead of printing a contact sheet so I could only order the ones I LIKED. So that cost me $17 when I only wanted about seven of the pictures printed at 45 cents a pop.

Talking to customers that can't admit something is their fault and threaten to switch companies. Bite me again.

Having to take another quiz and write my obituary for extra credit. I just had a confusing quiz on Tuesday and writing your own obituary is beyond depressing. This is the second time I will have had this assignment. I hope it's my last time.

Knitting a cozy for my iPod and still having it get scratched up. I hate it when my stuff gets scratched and banged up.

Having my teacher for my Digital Art II class abuse his authority as a teacher and make us listen to his propaganda cds about war and government leaders for two and a half hours. We are here to learn what you can teach us about Photoshop CS, not be swayed by your views. Inappropriate to say the least.