Social Comment


Here's my finished project that's due tomorrow. It was a social comment piece and I chose advertising.

Project Statement: Inventory - Money going into a television. Woman with objects in place of her eyes and ears. A mannequin. A dark room.

Meaning - This piece is about the assault of advertising. The room represents a place a viewer would watch television. It is familiar and is centered around the television. Money for advertising is being funneled into the television. The woman to the right is screaming because of the information that is coming from the television. Advertising via television can be communicated visually and audibly so the woman has prickly green balls in place of her eyes and in her ears to keep information from being received. On the lower left there is a mannequin with a meter in its forehead. This image represents the advertising focus groups that find out what products viewers use and then project more advertising for similar products. The cycle continues and the woman's torment continues as well.

*** Piece measures 10"x8" and was created in Photoshop CS