Art, Egg Salad, and Work

My weekend was all mine and I had a great one. On Friday - I worked, went to the internship early (yes!), got out and was invited to go to the Art Walk. The Art Walk is an event where this huge strip of art galleries open their doors at the same time. It happens the first Friday of every month. I was tired but I didn't care and I met my friends over there once I changed into some "checking out art clothes". haha. I never noticed the details before. Like how every gallery had a Mac inside. So artists really do prefer Macs ;) I've been noticing Macs in everything though. Pottery Barn catalogs, Old Navy commercials, Claire's computer on Six Feet Under is a Mac, etc. But along with that, the art was phenomenal. I wish I had taken my camera but at the same time I just wanted to take in the art and not document. Just experience what another person sees and the nonverbal communication that's involved in art. One exhibit was put on by Scion and an artist was painting a piece right then and there. A live dj was playing and they gave away goodie bags again. They seem to always give away goodie bags so they're one of my favorites. My friends and I stopped by an Indian food restaurant, chowed down, and went our separate ways.

Saturday - I woke up when I got enough sleep (aaahhh) and I made a sale! I sold a scarf so I hurried up and got ready so I could mail off the Mermaid by noon. I still had not eaten so I went grocery shopping and that was the worst. I didn't buy the healthiest stuff but at least I have food to make turkey sandwiches, egg salad, cereal, sundaes, etc. When I visited my friend Jo and her baby, we watched Boiling Water on FoodTv and Tyler Florence was making egg salad sandwiches. Looked delicious so I gave it a go. It was delicious and I never made egg salad before. Plus, a tip (he always gives tips), poke a hole into the fat end of the egg with a thumbtack so your yokes are perfectly centered, and only boil for 10 minutes. I usually would boil for seven minutes or just guesstimate and didn't poke holes. Later on I kept procrastinating but I finally worked on a paper that's due tomorrow.

My friend who's visiting from out of town wanted to hang out so I went to see him and it was cool. He had barbecued chicken and bacon wrapped shrimp! It was really good and I couldn't stop burping. He's a musician so while I worked on illustrations, he played some songs he had written on his keyboard. He's so talented and I love being around creative people.

Sunday - went to church and my brother and his wife came to church too. I was really surprised because they are atheists but I'm so glad they came. Once we all came back to our parents' house we were starving so we ordered a gourmet vegetarian pizza from Papa Murphy's. SO GOOD. I'm not a vegetarian but this pizza is yummy! It has artichokes, zucchini, tomatoes, etc. If you have one near you, you should try it.

I worked on my paper some more, did my hair (I can do the curls myself now, only burnt myself once), and watched the Truman Show. I miss Alias and I can't believe I have to wait until January for it to come back. Sucks.

Now it's back to the hectic schedule.

How was your weekend? Did you have a good one?

P.S. - Oh yes! I fixed the store so it looks like it's supposed to. Plus, the email is correct now "five3girlATgmailDOTcom". Head over to the store to see what I'm talking about.