Snow and Blossoms

blossoms I should have shot more pics of the blossoms while I had the chance.

There is a wild blizzard going on here in Colorado and the good part is that I was able to come home early.  The bad part is the blossoms probably don't have a chance against all of this wind and strong snow.  Yet again I am talking about weather conditions.  Please stop me at any time.

I went with my mom and a friend to a self defense class last night.  I have been meaning to do that for such a long time.  Get more self aware and have a better plan if something were to happen.  The class was informative and heart wrenching.  All of those case studies.  All of those women and girls who were in the wrong place at the wrong time or too trusting.  Early on I noticed that Raul was much more self aware of his surroundings than I was.  Just like my dad.  Both of them don't like to sit with their backs to the door, like to know where the exits are, and just generally notice everything going on around them.  I think it was engrained in me to not be nosey and that it is just plain rude to stare so I break eye contact with people I don't know pretty quickly.  So I keep it moving and that's no good.

Being more of aware of what is going on is not being a lookie loo or being nosey, I need to get better at that.