Oh So Quiet, Shhh, Shhh

flomberg I have been quiet here lately.  Not anywhere else really, just here.  This weekend I was a little wild child and stayed out past 1 a.m. two nights in a row.  This is not the norm but my friend, Dave, has a band and my friends and I went to check him out.   After having some sushi with the girls and playing two rounds of bowling, we went downtown to see the band.

Dave absolutely hates The Dave Matthews Band so we had to have Jo come up to him and request Satellite.  He was polite about it but the message was a clear "Hell No".  It was funny, you had to be there.  My throat was so sore the next day from shouting over the music at the bowling alley and then the music at the bar.

The next night I hung out with some friends, ate pizza and played cards.  Phase 10 is a card game I had never heard of before but it was fun.

We have to do that again soon.

Other than that I have been being an ultra geek getting a 1TB external hard drive and a usb hub.  I must get super organized before I can go outside and play so to speak.  Fun times.