Hi 2009

ringitin I'm here, I'm here.  So glad to be posting again.  I was trying to do some super duper techie overhaul and um, it just didn't happen.   I don't have time for that right now so I will go back to the art side of things.  That's my true love anyway.

I rang in the new year with an ugly head cold.  We went out to celebrate with family but less than an hour after we tooted our horns and hugged everyone, I was pushing Raul out the door so we could go back home.  I was sneezing like crazy everywhere and should have had a box of Puffs around my neck at all times.  For the next two days I was in bed reading Revolutionary Road.  I loved it and when I was done we went to see it on the big screen.  Of course the book is better.  They just left so much out, I guess they will always have to though.

Isn't the girl's hair on the right just beautiful?  That's my dream hair.