2008 is Drawing to a Close

I can't seem to "sign off" for the year like everyone else.  Christmas was awesome.  This vacation has been awesome.  I was in need of some time off and I've cherished every second.  Christmas eve everyone spent time at my mother in law's and then on Christmas day we all met up again at my parent's house.  Olga, Raul's mom, made a delicious Colombian chicken and potato soup and my mom made crab bisque and ham.  I made an olive cheese bread appetizer that was probably too heavy so we could not have lamb with the ham which was the original plan.  Even though I wanted to make the little chocolate cakes for my dessert, I ended up making a box chocolate cake (they've come a long way, not bad at all!) which tasted better than it looked.  Hehe.*

I am crazy shake your booty excited about 2009.  I know it's supposed to be grim, recession and blah blah but I think the year overall is going to be wonderful.  So many things in store, I just feel it.

The future is bright and just in case this is my "sign off post", I will wish you a Happy New Year now.

Happy New Year, be safe out there!

Christmas 2008 Set