Mac and Cheesin'

Aaaah. So this weekend wasn't all gravy but it was nice to have some time off. No more holidays with days off until Thanksgiving.

I'm usually glued to my computer but I didn't think I could get any more glued and I was. All weekend to the laptop. Everything is transferred except the website and so far I have two questions. Is there no backspace key on a Mac? And, how do you do a "print screen" on a Mac?

My homework for my scanner project got finished. I had to find 10 different textures, scan them, and pick out the best one. See if you can guess what the scans above are.

Umm, and if I haven't mentioned it before, What Not to Wear is one of my favorite shows. Not only was there a marathon, but it was a marathon filled with episodes I hadn't seen. I wonder what happened to the original guy with the hair that was past the waist and the booty.

Happy Labor Day to all and to all a goodnight. :)