Chocolate Roast Beef

That's what I told DH it sounded like when I came home.  I think I just have chocolate on the brain.  His mom and brothers are coming over to hang out for the first time since moving day and we made dinner.  Well, Raul made the roast beef, mashed potatoes and asparagus.  I'm in charge of Molten Chocolate Cakes for dessert.  :)

I just got back from checking out Fashion Denver!  I used to go all the time and way back in the day I used to be a part of it.  I sold knitted goods and it was so much fun.  That's how I saved up for my first camera.  Not only is everything pure eye candy with to die for outfits and the cutest bags, but there are fashion shows as well.  It does just get better and better and maybe one day I'll own a bag from Machine Ballerina. I don't see the bags on the site, should have taken pics.  Think really clean lined designs with animal silhouette appliques.

Too much cuteness.  Ok, time for me to get my bake on.  Ciao for now!