Day 26

This is a weird Thanksgiving.  I haven't prepared anything to bring anywhere this year.  In a way, the holiday hasn't even hit me yet.  My SIL is in Canada and I think she was the main glue that brought everyone together at a central location.  Now everyone is scattered and no one has enough room to host everyone.  Plus, this year my mom's birthday falls on Thanksgiving and she has already declared she is not cooking.  Can't blame her at all, go mom!

But it just adds to the weirdness because since we are going out to eat later on, we are splitting the day between our families.  Tomorrow we are going to Olga's, my mother in law's, house early in the morning for Thanksgiving breakfast.  Hanging out and then meeting up with my parents at a restaurant for a Thanksgiving feast.  I guess I could have baked pies and handed them out at odd times but I am the gift giver that likes to see the receiver open the gift.  Or taste the food.  So somewhere in the back of my mind that wouldn't have worked.

I'm just going to soak in this Thanksgiving and be thankful for not having to prepare a darn thing because I'm pretty sure this is not going to happen again in my lifetime.

Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!  Gobble gobble.