I got it!! After my interview nightmare, I got the internship of my dreams :) I will be interning with the graphic design department at a news station here in Colorado. I'm actually excited! All of the hyperventilating and multiple interviews are over. Thank God!! So this semester I will be taking Beginning Reporting and Basic Multimedia Production along with my internship. So soon my entries will be like this [Kermit the Frog voice], "do do do do DO do do do DO ...this is Erika THE girl bringing you a report about human size hail...." hehe >=o) or something like that.

I'm sad that I won't be able to take my Intro to Digital Art II class this semester. Real sad about it actually. But enough sadness, it's FRIDAY and as usual, I can't wait to get done with work and start my weekend. I packed up some knitting stuff so I can experiment and work on my sweater. When I was talking to one of the graphics designers, he let me know there was a place called "The Darkroom" where I can rent time to develop and make my own prints. :::raises and lowers eyebrows::: So guess who's about to go shooting with her manual camera. O yeah baby! So I want to do that and go to my friend's daughter's birthday party on Sunday. She's turning 4! The Photofriday challenge is analog today.....I have my eyes peeled.

Have a great weekend!