Day 24

So I started changing up my skincare.  This isn't a new mission, it's an ongoing one.  But I have been using Cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer forever.  Both are safe but I'm not getting anything from them.  No vitamins, spf, zip.  Plus, I'm getting a little oily from time to time.    I read review after review and made a trip to my favorite store, Sephora.

I spoke with a consultant who was all about pure ingredients and she wouldn't give me exact names of brands that were ph balanced with those quality ingredients.  All she could do was give a tip.  That tip was not moisturizing at night.  She said that she used to work for Dr. Hauschka and as a result of working for that line, she hasn't moisturized at night for 13 years.  Her skin was flawless so I tried to soak up every bit of information she could give me.  I ended up buying Purity by Philosphy and Peter Thomas Roth's All Day Defense Moisture Lotion.

I think this is day three of feeling a little dry and tight without my moisturizer at night.  The consultant said that your skin is repairing itself at night (I knew that) and your lymph does everything naturally by replenishing oils.  If you have moisturizer added to the mix then your skin is thrown off and making extra oil.  Or something like that. I need to do more research.  ;)  During the day I'm a little dry after adding my moisturizer but after a couple hours I'm okay.  No need to blot any extra oil for the rest of the day either so that's good.

All I know is my skin is tight for now.  I hope it gets better soon or another product switch is in order.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed.