Day 19

Every time I sit at my computer I play Love Remains the Same by Gavin Rossdale.  That's my new favorite song for the moment.

I'm less pissy today which is awesome.  I think I found a whole list of things I wouldn't mind seeing under the Christmas tree.  Sephora, how I love thee.  I bought a tinted moisturizer today from there.  Oil free, SPF 20, I hope it works out.  Then there was this DDF moisturizer, but I resisted.

I absolutely love Sephora, my inner girlie girl was grinning a huge sparkly grin.  Bonus that there are comments on there now.  I used to go to Makeup Alley back in the day.  I still peek from time to time.

Holy crap, it's 10!  I need to get to bed.  I was eight minutes late today because I forgot my purse at home.

Not good at all people.  Goodnight!