tricia I kid you not, my toes are candy apple red.  I needed some girly downtime after my no-break-not-even-for-a-second day.  Have I mentioned how much I love maternity and kid shoots?  The maternity ones are just slightly a bit more relaxing than the kids but the kids will make you lose five pounds at least, easily.

I had fun today.

Lovey Dubey

chilly Happy Valentine's!  I used to be a huge grump about this day but I'm not the same.  Lots has changed.

I love:

  • My Super Great Husband
  • Anyone that sits still so I can shoot them (thanks!)
  • Family, I have the best and it's hard to squeeze everyone in as much as I want to
  • Old and new friends
  • The new camera bag, it's made my life so much better
  • Adele, I constantly have her on rotate

Last weekend I got senior shots and that was excellent.  We even got kicked off the grounds of the outdoor mall.  Funny how someone always has a problem with people with a camera.  We changed locations and everything went great from there on.  The pic above is one of the shots from last Sunday.

Just renewed my flickr membership too, couldn't say goodbye just yet.  I love flickr, need to post more to it though.

Girlieness with a Dash of Photog

thegreenjacket Happy February people!

So much to say.  I'll try not to leave huge breaks in posts, I just haven't been getting along with my words lately.  Nothing has been coming out of my mouth let alone out of my fingertips and onto this blog.  I have been avoiding it like the plague.

Getting my ducks in order and running around for the most part.  I figured that the reason my camera and I haven't been getting along is because I've outgrown the bag.  That's one of the reasons at least.  So the mission for that began and my Crumpler 7 Million Dollar Home arrived yesterday.  Not.  Impressed.  I love the idea of a messenger bag style but this bag is not going to fly with me.  If I have it on my shoulder the bag will slide off, if I have it across my chest all the weight is on my neck.  I wanted it to work out because I was waiting impatiently for it.  After work I went straight over to a local camera store and checked out their bags.  I hadn't even heard of Tenba and after lots of side by side comparisons, I walked out with a Shootout SlingThis guy did an excellent review on the bag.

I think I've found my match.

I'm a hard sell and I usually kill myself with research before I make my purchase.  Awhile ago I went on a limb and tried out some new skincare products because I'm in a new age bracket and thought I needed a little more than Cetaphil can give.  My skin was a mess after trying out Caudalie and Peter Roth Thomas.  So I put that mission on hold and went back to the loving arms of Cetaphil.  Then Whitney gave a review (I love her reviews) on Juice Beauty products and the mission was back on.  I got samples of the Cleansing Milk and the Green Apple Antioxidant moisturizer.  The cleanser gave me a reaction, red and blotchy is not normal.  But the moisturizer was wonderful.  I quickly bought that and I've been happy with the purchase ever since.  My Cetaphil cleanser will not be replaced anytime soon, phew.

Hmm, what else...  I used to knit a variety of shtuff back in the day and even participate in fashion events with my own little booth and everything.  Well I still have some adult hats and baby hats so those will be added to my etsy store soon.  Need to clear up some room in here.  I hope you are interested, they are super cute.

On another girly topic, Whoorl showed me how to curl my hair with a flat iron.  I'm still getting the hang of it and loving the results along the way.  :: tosses hair around in slow-mo ::

I got Gears of War 2 today but I shouldn't be playing games.  So much to do!

Lastly, you must make this banana dessert.  I made it for the family gathering here on Superbowl Sunday and it was a hit!  So quick and delicious.

Day 22

This little girl gave me a workout today at the playground.  I hung out with DH for most of the day and then it was time for my photo shoot with this cutie patoot four-year-old.

She bolted from the car to the jungle gym at full speed.  Her energy rubbed off on me and we were all over that playground taking shot after shot.  We had a blast!  I just had to sneak one shot on here for now.  The others should be ready in two weeks.

Phew, thirty minutes before midnight.  I made it just in time for NaBloPoMo.  :)

Day 16

It was a little chilly out yesterday but I picked up my friend Jay and we were on our way to Morrison.  The owner of this antique shop out there let myself and about eight other photographers run around and shoot her store.

While out there, the same thing that has been happening happened again.  My cam bag started hurting my back and it is cumbersome too.  I've been on the look out for a new one with no luck.  There aren't any camera shops selling the kind of bag I'm looking for.  Right now I have a smaller backpack style Lowepro bag and ever since I upgraded to my 40D, it's overstuffed.  My dream bag would be one that's more like a messenger bag so I'll have easy access to my lenses.  Here's a bag at Fossil but it's not technically a camera bag.  Wishful thinking.  After doing more research on the Shootsac, I think I'm going to pass right now.  Maybe in the future I'll get that, but it's not meant to be a camera bag, just something you use while you are shooting.

Domke - cute and the style I'm looking for. Kata - might have to look into these styles a little more as well. Tenba - just found this bag on YouTube, looks like it may be a winner.  So much for the messenger bag idea.  Just found out it's being sold at eBags.  I will be checking out bags tomorrow!

So the search continues.

Day 15

This is short and sweet.  I'm going to be out all day today going to an antique store photography meet up in Morrison.  Then later on we have plans to go to the new Comedy Works!  Our friend Dave won twenty free tickets so we get to go.  Should be fun, I've never been before.

Have an awesome Saturday!

Day 14

Man was I having a bad day until about four hours ago.

It snowed today, right after I did my hair all cute and curly.  Due the snow and cold weather I had to cancel my shoot.  No corn dogs at Safeway when I was craving one big time.  The list goes on and on.

Then my day turned around.  I just got back from meeting an awesome group of photographers.  We met out in Boulder which is about an hour away from me but it was SO worth it.  I love meeting new people with the same interests.  It's cool and dangerous because we pretty much had to be kicked out of California Pizza Kitchen tonight.

Very worth it.

P.S. Husbands are great because when your day is craptacular, they humor you by running outside and letting you shoot a few shots right before sunset.  Thank you baby, I needed that.

Day 12

Another empty bench.  What can I say, I love them.

I have a confession.  Some of the photos I've been putting on entries are old.  I had to run out and shoot today because I was running on empty.  Yay, more fresh photos right off the press.  I shot around during lunch and was almost late coming back.  I had to run my little heart out, looks like the workouts are paying off.

My photography book, Photography, arrived today!!  I was trying to pay attention to conversations going on around me but I couldn't stop flipping through this book.  Flipping through the chapter on processing film almost got me all teary.  I really miss doing that.  I used to be able to roll my film in the dark!

From the looks of this book I can already tell that this focus group is going to be a success.

Day 5

So speaking of focusing, I've been going to some focus groups and I'm about to join another one.  If there is one thing I miss about school, it's being around other artists and photographers in person.  Plus the big chunk of time we had to create.  That was priceless.  But I'm carving out my own time and now and focus groups are a part of that.

This group is going to be about photography so I'm ordering Photography by Barbara London.  We'll go over about two chapters a week and then when we are done we'll shoot what we just learned.  Should be fun!

Sorry for the Delay

my dad The camera is here! All charged up, heavier, and beautiful. I got the kit with the 28-135mm lens, lens hood, extra battery and the battery grip. Taking a little getting used to but I am in love. So in love.

Yesterday was perfect.

I took a half day from work so I could be at my parents' when the camera arrived because UPS refuses to deliver to my house without a signature. I was just hanging out and Jo called me up to hang out with her. So when I went to Target to find her, I found an old friend of mine and her son....who is going to college. The last time I saw my friend, her son was probably seven and now he's in college! Those are the moments that make me feel old. Eventually I caught up with Jo and we went to the mall, came back home and five minutes later DING DONG, there's UPS at the door.

We had Nuggets tickets from work so we took my parents out. Box seats. It was fun, my parents' first time in box seats and Raul's first time at a basketball game. The batteries were all charged on the camera so I was able to test it out finally.  The game was fun and our Blue Moons hit the spot.

More shots on flickr.