Edit. Edit. Edit.

For the first time in a long time, this past weekend I messed around with video editing.  I forgot how much that takes out of you, well me.  I majored in photojournalism and minored in digital media in college.  One of the courses I took was digital video art.  This movie is called "One" and the assignment was to convey a mood/emotion.  We also weren't allowed to use color.

I think it's safe to say that video art is my least favorite.  Meaning that when I go to an art museum and see that little TV installation in the corner with flashing lights and an audio track playing, I don't quite get it.  I'm more into paintings, sculptures, everything else.

So when we completed assignments for the class, those assignments were more on the abstract side.  I loved using Final Cut Pro, I had fun putting storyboards together and I was happy with my final projects.

I was editing a video of me painting this weekend but since I am using iMovie '08 (super old I know), I can't find a way to speed up the video.  No one wants to see me paint for 30 minutes....so....yea.

I'm working on it though.  I would love to share.

♥ Fun Fact - This was completed in college, early when Raul and I were just dating.  He is the mystery man shaking around in the box.  One of the signs he was a keeper.  True love. ♥

Regional SCBWI Conference. Check!

adam rex lindsay eland and editors

caroline stutson

I was so worn out from the local SCBWI conference yesterday that I came home and took a two hour nap.  Exhausted, but the good kind.  Where you absorb so much and you are crazy excited that your body can't handle it anymore and gives out.

I don't know where to begin.  So,  I have been absent here because I have been working on the Alphabet Book as well as cleaning up my websites.  Two of my goals with a deadline of this month were to clean up my blog and to fix my online illustration portfolio.  The portfolio just wasn't working at all for awhile now because the navigation wasn't the best and it wasn't compatible with mobile devices that did't work with flash.  Long story short, I now have www.erikabarriga.com that redirects you to www.cargocollective.com/erikabarriga.  When I was researching I found Cargo Collective and fell in love.  I found out they were invite only, gave it a shot and they gave me an account.  I am loving the interface, perfect fit!

So I said all that to say this, I did not want to go to the conference without a working beautifully navigated portfolio site.  This past week was spent deep diving in code, magazines, design, etc etc.  PLUS there was a part of the conference where you could present your work on a chair.  I chose to put some of my illos on foam core and present that way.  Since I just finished my website last night, I just finished my board last night as well.  Everything has been wild over here, trying to get things done while still being well-rested enough to actually enjoy the conference.

So now to the good stuff, I really enjoyed it.  This was my second time attending a SCBWI event, the first one was NY in last year.  I found this event to be more intimate all the way around.  I think I also made a conscious decision to make more connections and just talk more.  Glad I did.


I attended the conference with my friend Christie and her husband Nick - their first conference! I learned ways to connect myself with my stories from a talk by Caroline Stutson Met Adam Rex who has a crazy amount of knowledge and talent - loved his keynote speech! Met Brooke Boynton-Hughes - we follow each other on twitter and now we've met in person, so nice! Entered my much edited down portfolio to the portfolio review and received invaluable feedback

It was great!  Now it's time to focus on more goals, draw some more and possibly write some too.

The creator of Scarygirl.

nathan_jurevicius Nathan Jurevicius is one of the artists that sparked my love for illustrating.  His style is insanity at its best.  He even has an online game now.  His work is just amazing and he'll always be one of my favorites.  Years ago I was reading up on one of my favorite bloggers, Claire Robertson, and she mentioned her friend's artwork and his interview.  I was in immediate awe.  I wanted to know how he was producing this work, what program, everything.  So I started researching and working with Illustrator.  I wish someone had told me in the very beginning that it takes a few programs working together to get the final product.  In the late 90s it was much harder to find resources let alone tutorials. Now I can find so many artists through social networking like Facebook and Flickr, digital art magazines and more.

I wrote both Nathan and Claire with questions and they kindly wrote me back.  It's interesting to see how all of our art and interests have changed, a flourishing evolution of change in style and medium.  Gives me another swift kick in the behind to get my own work published.

Pretty cool stuff.  I ♥ the Internet.

A camping we shall go.

he's eager to walk... I've been absent.  What else is new?  I only lasted one week with my Happy Bokeh Wednesday photo, lol.  Sad, so sad.  One thing is brand spanking new for me.  I. GOT. THE. IPHONE!!!!  And it is the best.

When I got it, it broke after 12 hours.  I had a bad sim card and after googling to find other people who ran into this issue, I found many who had the same story I did.  I got a new card right after work and it has been blazing fast ever since.  I never thought something could change the way I do things as much as things changed when I went from a discman to an iPod.  I was so wrong.  Shazam is one of my favorite apps because now I can just have it listen to a song anywhere and it will tell me the artist and song.  Just that alone had me at hello.

I am a techno geek and proud of it.  Here here.

I need to go finish packing for our camping trip this weekend.  Yes me.  I camp...sometimes.  This is only my second time but I am excited.  There will probably be hiking, checking out a waterfall, holding and feeding baby alligators, smores and brats.  Go go GPS!

Internal GPS malfunction.


I'm not good at navigating.  If I haven't been somewhere in awhile be sure that I will be google-mapping the address and taking the directions, step by step.  So I'm pretty sure the best thing the hubs and I have ever bought together was a GPS.  I am in love with this thing.  ETA of arrival, new faster routes I didn't even know existed, being able to program the map so every Starbucks and gas station showed up on the screen, etc etc.  That one about Starbucks came in especially handy when we were on our road trip to Vancouver from Seattle.


Liz Gilbert

Author Liz Gilbert at the recent TED Conference, giving a lovely talk about how we perceive artists’ inspiration. I love this and need to watch this again. (My first video on my blog!)  ;)

Seen at Luc's blog and I had to post it here too.

P.S. Thank you for all of the great comments and tips on organization!

Sort, Sort, Sort

solobird I'm plugging along, organizing files.  It's nice to see some pics from back in the day but it will be even better when I'm finally done already.  I took a half day off yesterday and the full day off today.  I have my old pc files that needed to be moved over and a million images that need to be backed up onto dvds.

Then the real fun begins and I will never back up years of data at one time again.  That is my vow.

Flickr and Facebook keep seducing me.  Back to work!

I Get to Make Up My Own Titles Again

Oof, I feel like I just sat down for the first time today.  I keep getting a crazy second wind and then I don't know when to sit down.  It happened with shopping the day after Thanksgiving and it just happened today.  I worked two hours of OT, worked out for an hour, came home and made a quick dinner (honey glazed salmon and salad), and then I did a major clean up of the kitchen.

Maybe I was just avoiding this Wordpress nastiness that is making me mess with some in-depth coding in order to be able to upload pretty small files.  Very.  Annoying.

So I cleaned.

Now back to trying to figure it out.  Wish me luck.

Add Dorky Glasses Tape Here

pomegranates My calendar has never been so full. I was not one of those people that needed to check their calendar for much. When I was in school I was busy like crazy but nothing I couldn't memorize. But now, with the wedding, meet-ups, making appointments to hang out with friends (we are so much older and busier!); I have to consult my calendar. Makes me daydream about having a blackberry. I can't always check my personal email anytime I want and even then, my iCal is safe and sound on my laptop at home. iCal is the best, the only con I can report is that the link doesn't show up on my attendees' invites.

But I'm sure that after the wedding, my calendar will clear and things will be as they were. Or am I completely delusional?

Little Things

christmas lights Good news! My laptop is okay (Thank God!) and I found out what the problem was. When I plugged in the charger, the light would turn on but it would fizzle out. I raise it up, lights up. I put it down, turns off. Connection to the laptop was fine but then I noticed a little frazzled exposed wire. One trip to the computer store and now I'm connected, just needed a new charger. I had the original ac adapter where you wrap the little cord around the prongs. So if you have that kind, don't wrap the cord around the prongs too tightly.

I guess three years of doing that plus some heat from the wires made my adapter a done deal.

As for running through all the possibilities of the next computer being a laptop or a desktop....I think it would be a laptop again.  Being able to work from anywhere is a hard habit to break.