Free Glasses

Well it has been a minute hasn't it?  I am consistent with my inconsistency, so that is something!  Positive, always :)  When I was pregnant with Addy I was contacted by a glasses company called Firmoo.  I remembered the email so I contacted them to see if they were still offering their offer of a free pair of glasses/sunglasses to try out and review.  Luckily they were and I was quickly having a pair of tortoise light shade sunnies coming my way.  The site was a little hard to navigate just because I wanted sunglasses but I couldn't clearly find out of the tint offered included UV protection.  So once I got that clarified with a representative, I was good to go.  Their glasses will be processed with 1.57 index lenses and anti-radiation & UV coatings.  Since I couldn't try them on and there were no self-help options for styling some glasses with my face shape, I winged it a bit and ordered a pair of these guys.  They do have an "upload my pic" option for sizing/styling but I didn't have the time to take a good photo and use this feature.

We were in the middle of prepping for a vacation coming up pretty quickly.  Thankfully we took our much needed vacation to California and checked out Disney and such so I wasn't home when the sunglasses.  But when we came back I quickly tried them on and although they are very cute, they don't look great on me.  They are too small for my face but I'm happy to have participated in the offer and have been able to provide feedback to their team.  I would highly recommend using their online glasses store and it is an extra bonus if you really know your face shape and are a glasses shopping expert.

If you want to participate, click on the link and get your free pair of glasses/sunglasses.  Absolutely free, you don't even pay for shipping.